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Amino acid system


Amino acid system

Amino acid surfactant is a new type of green and mild surfactant, which is an upgraded product of traditional surfactant.

Amino acid surfactants are not only mild in performance, but also biodegradable, and the production process is green.

Amino acid surfactants are coconut oil (or laurel oil or palm oil) amino acids (such as glutamic acid, glycine, etc.) that have foaming and decontamination capabilities.

Weakly acidic amino acid surfactants have a PH value close to that of human skin. In addition, amino acids are the basic substances that make up protein, so it is mild and skin-friendly, and can be used safely on sensitive skin.

Classification of amino acid surfactants:

Sodium lauroyl sarcosinate is a light yellow liquid with 30% content and a white solid powder with 95% content, with a special smell. It has less skin irritation and weaker degreasing effect. It is relatively stable to acid, heat and alkali, and has excellent foaming properties. It is suitable for toothpaste and shampoo foaming agent.

Glutamate is a liquid containing 30% sodium lauroyl glutamate, potassium lauroyl glutamate, and sodium cocoyl glutamate, and a content of 95% sodium lauroyl glutamate and sodium cocoyl glutamate , Solid powder of sodium myristoyl glutamate.

Sodium cocoamidopropionate is a liquid with a content of 30%. It is based on natural raw materials. It has mild performance, strong resistance to hard water, and is highly biodegradable. It has no impact on the environment. It has rich foam, stability and elasticity. It is a cleanser Good cleaning agent for products, bath products, baby cleaning products.

Methyl taurine is a 30% sodium cocoyl methyl taurate, sodium cocoyl methyl taurate taurate liquid, it has more excellent foaming and foaming in a large pH range Stability, a mild cleansing ingredient with low skin irritation, and moisturizing hair and scalp.

Glycinate is a liquid of sodium cocoyl glycinate and potassium cocoyl glycinate with a content of 30%, and a solid powder of sodium cocoyl glycinate and potassium cocoyl glycinate with a content of 95%. Sodium cocoyl glycinate is a richer amino acid surface activity. The richness of foam is similar to that of potassium laurate, which is similar to soap base, and it is not tight.

Features of amino acid surfactants:

PH: 5.5-6.5, effective content: 95%, sodium chloride: <5, biodegradability: 100%. Excellent surface activity, natural source, very mild, non-allergenic, weak acid like the skin, high safety, non-irritating, good detergency, various amino acids can penetrate into the skin.

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